One of the most famous and meaningful applications of fiber optics in the field of medicine is in the illumination and imaging components of endoscopes. Rigid and flexible multi-fibers are basically composed of graded-index imaging rods and step-index fibers which are extensively used for visualization and modeling of internal organs and tissues which are only accessible through a natural opening or transcutaneously. The fabrication techniques which are used in optical fibers for imaging and illumination are considered emphasizing the various techniques involved in their current applications in communications.

Low-loss optical fibers are used which transmit the laser energy during any surgery, operation, or photocoagulation. A laser light that is multicolored in nature travels through a thin optical fiber which eventually provides adequate illumination for viewing and color photography.

Fiber optics has become a very hot and trending technique in the field of medication. It is rapidly becoming one of the most important technology in the medical field. In daily life, optical fibers have a wide range of applications for several purposes which includes operating gadgets wirelessly via satellite signals. In the medical field, optical fibers are used for treating and diagnosing myriad diseases. Since the optical fibers are very small in terms of diameter and their thickness is extremely small, therefore it becomes quite easy to insert these thin and flexible wires into the veins, arteries, blood vessels, and other parts of the human body. There are many optics manufacturing companies in the market which uses polarizing beam splitters to manufacture polarizer optics.

Use of fiber optic equipments

With the help of high-specialized fiber optic instruments, physicians are allowed to work and view the delicate and sensitive organs of the human body. Fiber optic strands are made of hollow crystalline fibers equipped with infrared glass or ultraviolet transmitting fibers that serve to provide doctors with accurate radiometric measurements of temperature and chemical sensing. The use of fiber optics allows the doctor to deliver IR and UV laser power in order to remove or destroy the diseased and dead issues. The device used for this purpose is known as endoscopes and arthroscopes.

The endoscope consists of two fiber optic sections inside a long tube; One section provides the focusing light and the other provides light to the doctor which gives him a detailed image of the area to be viewed.