Bulk mailing is a marketing message sent by a brand to multiple recipients at once. It aims to promote business, sell products, and develop relationships. After registering, you can send bulk mailings.

Marketers today prefer to use bulk email services to deliver important messages with minimal effort. Unlike unsolicited emails sent without the recipient’s permission, bulk emails are legitimate marketing campaigns because recipients subscribe to receive them. However, if bulk email marketing is not properly managed, users can consider it spam and therefore damage the sender’s reputation. When creating and sending bulk mailings, do not forget to comply with the CAN-SPAM Law in order to avoid penalties and damage to your Intis Telecom business.

Newsletters are a great way to keep your subscribers up to date on what’s happening with your business. In most cases, newsletters provide customers with information, notices or guides to help them better understand a specific service or product.

Promotional letters.

Bulk e-mails are effective in increasing sales, attracting customers to 1. offers and 2. deals, and 3. increasing brand awareness. These emails can also be used to suggest suitable products to existing and potential customers.
Buy emails. These are messages sent to attract new customers, addressed to potential customers on the list who have yet to convert. They can be used to exchange special offers to convince potential customers to purchase.
Store email. These bulk emails are usually sent to existing customers to encourage them to keep buying from your company. They strive to increase customer brand loyalty.

What is Bulk Email?
Sending thousands or tens of thousands of messages to even a couple of email addresses would be tedious due to the amount of time and effort. Moreover, the cost of such a campaign will be beyond the reach of any business. It is cheaper, faster and more convenient to use bulk mailing.